Professional translation and adaptation services

  • Localize text, image, audio and video into over 22 languages
  • Adapt your communication into multiple sizes for print, outdoor, web and mobile.

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Talk to people in the language they are most comfortable with

Quickly translate text, images, audio (radio spots) and videos (voiceover and subtitles). Our professionals understand the nuances of every language they translate your communication into, ensuring nothing gets lost in translation.

Every translation is verified by two independent experts in each language.

English | Hindi | Tamil | Kannada | Telgu | Marathi

Because one size doesn’t fit all

To be seen you have to be everywhere your audience might possibly be, and today that’s a lot of places. Maximize your reach by quickly adapting your communication into multiple sizes for print, outdoor, desktop and mobile.

From static creatives to animated HTML5 / GIF web banners, our team of professionals ensure a fast turnaround, without compromising on quality.

The Transgraphix advantage

One central dashboard

Stay in control from start to end. Easily submit jobs, review and give feedback on translated / adapted work, and effortlessly keep track of all your assets as well as billing.

Seamless review process

Our 'one link' review system allows multiple stakeholders to access the work and give pointed feedback, while simultaneously seeing comments from everyone else. It’s all online and mobile/tablet friendly.

Unbeatable rates

More is less. Our pricing is based on volume and frequency, so our already very competitive rates go even lower as the amount of work goes up.