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Saina Nehwal’s mother loved to dance to 70s disco. Fashion influencer Megha Bajaj’s mother was learning French in secret. Just some of the many secrets that tumbled out when we ran a moment marketing campaign #OneThingAboutMom for Mother’s Day. A transmedia promotion that aimed at igniting conversations between audiences and their mothers. A campaign that zagged in the face of tokenisms and material gifts that typically seem to be the order of the day otherwise- with a singular objective, gift mothers a Health Package instead, because the gift of health is the greatest gift that one can give to their mothers. Something which tends to be given the go-by since we all take our mothers for granted. An initiative by Metropolis that is at the forefront of preventive health care and committed to the cause of elders and senior citizens especially women. A campaign that started on social and fanned out to multiple touch points with results that clearly proved that it had struck a chord with the audiences.


CATEGORY & CHALLENGE:India’s disease profile has changed significantly from communicable to non-communicable diseases in the past few years, which accounts for almost 60% of deaths in the country. These diseases are preventable, even if genetic, provided prevention is the key focus. Traditionally, though preventive healthcare check-ups have been the domain of the corporate sector where employees are mandated to have regular check-ups and also availed by employees themselves for the purpose of saving on income tax. Elderly citizens typically undertake check-ups at the time of being issued a healthcare policy or upping healthcare insurance premiums. Healthcare tests for them otherwise is more curative than preventive.

BRAND: As a pathology specialist and leader in inner health management, Metropolis offers a comprehensive range of clinical laboratory tests and profiles, which are used for prediction, early detection, diagnostic screening, confirmation and monitoring of the disease.

AUDIENCE:Our communication TG were 22 to 40 year olds, males & females living in metros. They were tech-savvy, upscale and health-conscious.

OBJECTIVE: Our campaign objective was to build brand awareness in the preventive health space for elders and senior citizens especially mothers.

Opportunity & Insight

Thanks to hectic schedules and lifestyle choices, preventive healthcare tends to take a backseat- not limited to ourselves but even our family members. This can often result in adverse consequences where the cost of curative healthcare is far more than preventive.

OPPORTUNITY:We decided to zero in on Mother’s Day to take forward the preventive healthcare conversation. All we had to do was to get people to rethink this occasion from a different perspective and be more proactive about their mothers’ health. At the same time, we wanted to steer clear from the tropes associated with Mothers’ Day- be it tokenisms in form of material gifts or communication which was either sappy or trying hard to be funny.

INSIGHT:Metropolis as a brand believes that every human being deserves to know the truth about their inner health and looks to present this truth in the most human way possible. But truth often hides in plain sight when it comes to mothers. For mothers, their health is often the last thing on their minds because they typically tend to put family before self. This helped us arrive at our insight. That mothers endure ailments silently. And as their children we don’t even realize if something is amiss and take them for granted. Aches, niggles or any sort of physical discomfort is perceived simply as a natural consequence of ageing.

The Idea

We decided to celebrate the occasion of Mother’s Day by not being clinical, but by acknowledging their human-ness, because they are much more than mothers. And along with that give a gentle nudge to people be a bit more conscious about their mothers’ health. Hence our idea: #OneThingAboutMom. Because there’s always that one thing about mom that we never knew about. And then there are things that we should. Like her health. By gifting them a full health check-up, with Metropolis’s SuperMom Health Package.

Creative Execution

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The campaign ran between May 11th and May 20th. Across touchpoints, it was a reflection of moment marketing that worked and struck a chord with the audiences meeting the primary objective of brand awareness.

  • The campaign film got a VTR of 88% on Hotstar against an 80% benchmark. With a very high CTR of 18% against the average 3-5% typically recorded for videos on this platform. Thereby demonstrating the receptivity of the audience to the communication and effective targeting.
  • On YouTube, over 825,000 views were recorded with an average CPV of just 0.61.
  • For the display campaign, close to 2.9 Million impressions were served with a CTR of 0.64% way above industry standrads.
  • SEM delivered a high CTR of 13.79%, showcasing clear intent and resulting in a significant spike to site traffic; thereby business.
  • Influencers helped build brand awareness with sentiment that came across as authentic and not ‘endorsed’. Fetching over 25000 likes and film views reaching over 600,000.
  • The messaging struck a chord with the intended audience and the campaign got the highest views (Organic & Paid) from women aged between 25-34
  • Nearly 42k comments were recorded on Twitter in just 7 days of the campaign with a 8.8mn audience reach
  • Amidst all the clutter, the campaign delivered a 1.3Mn reach on Mothers’ Day accounting for nearly 35% of the overall shares on twitter for the campaign
  • As an engagement platform, Instagram delivered 35% of overall reach and 10% of the overall shares
  • The campaign film was screened in cinema halls across Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune with a reach of 9.6 lakhs plus. The campaign also reached over 1.5 Million on Facebook.
  • The SMS campaign with a link embed for the Health package reached an audience nearing 1.18 million.
  • While the primary objective was brand awareness, 339 SuperMom Health packages were booked as a direct consequence of the campaign.
  • The campaign was featured in leading publications as one of the clutter breaking ads on Mother’s Day (https://www.campaignindia.in/article/mothers-day-2018-wrap-campaigns-that-stood-out-2/444518)