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Traffic, deadlines, pollution and to top it all, fever that just doesn’t seem to go away. The last thing we need in our hectic lives. Whether we fall sick or our loved ones do. Come monsoons, when fever holds sway, we try to shrug it off- till the time we find out the hard way. From dengue to malaria to typhoid to swine flu, viruses have a field day. The first thing that Doctors do is to advise a blood test- to confirm or negate the possibility of what ails us. The first thing we do- is head to the nearest pathology lab- because a lab is a lab, right? We couldn’t be more wrong. Accessibility or misplaced trust borne out of years of habit doesn’t negate the fact that an inaccurate report can lead to a wrong line of treatment with damaging consequences for our health. That’s what the pathology specialist Metropolis and India’s leading diagnostic chain, aimed to fight during the monsoon of 2018- current behavior with their biggest USP viz. delivering quick and accurate reports. Thanks to their highly trained technicians and state-of-the-art infrastructure. It became the spring board for a 360 campaign that looked to make Metropolis the biggest ally for people in helping fight their battle against fever and the ailments that might occur thereof. “This monsoon when, fever strikes call Fever Fighters” became not just the campaign, but the rallying cry that reached out to the audiences that Metropolis was aiming to reach, with strikingly effective results- a 65% jump in new customers and 47% jump in revenue for the YoY monsoon campaign period as compared to 2017-18.


BACKDROP: The onset of monsoon makes us susceptible to a host of infections and ailments such as dengue, swine flu, typhoid, malaria, leptospirosis, chikungunya etc. What starts of as an innocuous fever if not diagnosed quickly and accurately can result in a wrong line of treatment with adverse consequences.

CATEGORY: As per industry estimates, India has over 125, 000 diagnostic labs, of which only 25 percent are accredited. With 80 percent of the market with unorganised local labs. Most labs are not equipped enough to measure up to required accuracy standards, which the majority of even the most educated consumers tend to be ignorant about.

BRAND: As one of the scientifically advanced and renowned labs in India, with a proven track record for over 30 years, Metropolis is known to provide the most accurate reports with minimum turn-around time. It has been the go-to diagnostic chain for specialty and super-specialty tests, enjoying the trust of senior and seasoned medical professionals. However, there was a big opportunity for the brand to present itself as the go-to pathology specialist for monsoon related ailments.

OBJECTIVES: Our objectives were four-fold

  • Build brand awareness for Metropolis for our primary TG (Male and Female, 25+ years who are tech savvy, upscale, health conscious, ranging from working professionals to Senior Citizens)
  • Strengthen brand affinity with customers in key markets including Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin, Surat & Rajkot.
  • Leverage USPs such as Quick & accurate reports, Express Labs with Instadetect technology, Expert blood collection@home and wide network to establish strong brand equity.
  • Improve top-of-the-mind recall for blood tests.

Opportunity & Insight

BEHAVIOUR: People tend to accept fever as a given during the onset of monsoons, attributing it to change in season at best, where procrastination and self-medication is the norm till things take a turn for the worse. And when Doctors advise blood tests, there is a general misconception that a test report will show the same result irrespective of the lab it’s done from. Convenience and accessibility become the primary filter of choosing a pathology lab. Also misplaced trust for a lab out of sheer habit of having frequented it before, while being ignorant of what it takes to produce accurate results can have serious repercussions.

OPPORTUNITY & INSIGHT: We were targeting metro and mini-metro audiences who lead busy lives, where they fight heroic battles everyday - against traffic and long commutes, pollution, workplace stress etc. However, fever is not something that they take as seriously. But not all fevers are the same. From this sprung our insight- “Not every fight can be fought on its own. Sometimes you need crusaders to fight your battles.” Monsoons were therefore an opportunity for Metropolis to get people to reconsider their behavior and become their ally in their fight against ailments that could otherwise become life-threatening.

The Idea

“This monsoon when fever strikes, call Fever Fighters- Your Monsoon Superheroes”. The fighters were the highly trained technicians, phlebotomists and pathologists and the state-of-the-art infrastructure of Metropolis at the beck and call of consumers. To deliver accurate reports. For medical queries and doubts, Fever Fighters would help them fight through the Helpline, Fever Fighters were at your doorstep for an expert bloodcCollection@Home Service. Fever Fighters were armed with Instadetect Technology at Express Labs, Fever Fighters could deliver quick and accurate reports directly via email.

Creative Execution

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The campaign ran between July and Sept 2018, delivering results that surpassed all expectations.


  • Hotstar: A CTR of 12% for the campaign film, way above the industry benchmark of 3 to 5% and a view rate of 88%
  • Quikr: The CTR achieved is 17% higher than the average performance of Quikr ads.
  • Saavn: A spot CTR of 3.2% was achieved which is higher compared to the expected CTR of 0.4%
  • YouTube: A completion rate of 38% which is way higher compared to 15% industry norm
  • SEM: 8.9k conversions with a low CPL of Rs 139 maintaining an SOV of more than 80%.


The YoY figures for the Fever tests panel between July to Sept for 2017-18 v/s 2018-19 showed a huge impact on business that can be directly attributed to the Fever Fighters campaign.

  • No. of new customers saw a quantum jump of 65% clearing meeting the campaign objective of not just brand awareness but conversions.
  • Test volumes increased by 50% thereby meeting the objective of not just top-of-mind recall but resulting in ‘action’ in the path-to-purchase of the consumer.
  • Walk-ins increased by 62%
  • Patient count increased by 56%
  • Home visit patient count increased by 27% indicative of the fact that the USP of blood collection@home had hit home.
  • Call volumes increased by 17%, a significant proportion of which was directly related to monsoon ailments.
  • Total revenue increased by a whopping 47%